Robust State Estimator (Smart Electric Grid, LLC)
Robust State Estimator(Smart Electric Grid, LLC) 

Non-Divergent State Estimator

Non-Divergent State Estimator (NDSE) which has been recently developed at SEG is capable of providing a feasible voltage solution under any circumstances for power utility companies. NDSE is a state estimator which can avoid the crashes of system monitoring. NDSE has solved the divergence and robustness problem of state estimator which is open for more than 50 years.


NDSE is an ideal offline supplement tool for power companies who are willing to improve the levels of robustness and data accuracy of daily operations.



1) Save the cost of engineers to manually fix the divergence problem of your state estimators.

2) No worries about reporting the divergence of your state estimators to NERC (a fine may be imposed to your company if the divergence is severe).

3) No worries about the divergence of your post power flow analysis.

4) Increase the reliability of your EMS by 45%.

5) Largely improve the data quality (especially the reactive power and voltage magnitudes) in your daily operations.

6) Help detect the bad data which cause the divergence of your state estimator, and provide accurate true values of the contaminated measurements.




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