Robust State Estimator (Smart Electric Grid, LLC)
Robust State Estimator(Smart Electric Grid, LLC) 

Smart Electric Grid, LLC provides robust system monitoring technology for smart grids

NDSE has solved the divergence problem of state estimator which is open for 50 years

Smart Electric Grid, LLC (SEG) aims to provide the most advanced system monitoring technology for smart grids. Since 2013 SEG has been supported by National Science Foundation SBIR program to develop robust state estimator for smart grids.

NDSE is more accurate than WLS based state estimator

With the support of NSF SBIR program, Non-Divergent State Estimator (NDSE), capable of providing a feasible voltage solution once the system is observable, was developed at SEG in 2020. NDSE is a static AC power system state estimator which can not only guarantee a feasible solution but also a more accurate solution.

An ideal offline backup state estimator

NDSE is an ideal offline backup state estimator for power companies who are willing to improve the levels of robustness and data accuracy of daily operations.


The Unique Features of NDSE:

1) Insensitive to Topology errors, Parameter errors, and Measurement errors.

2) Capable of accurately recovering the Ture values of bad data.

3) Leverage Point Does Not exist for NDSE.

4) 100% convergence once the system is observable.

5) The cutting-edge technology can be used in power transmission network SE, power distribution network SE, linear SE, as well as dynamic SE.




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