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Robust State Estimator(Smart Electric Grid, LLC) 

Background of SEG State Estimator

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In March 2020, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) published a survey about the contributors to the loss of Energy Management System (EMS) system, a system of computer-aided tools used by system operators to monitor, control, and optimize the performance of generation and/or transmission systems. The survey shows that 45% of loss of EMS is caused by the loss of state estimator

Cited: <Risks and Mitigations for Losing EMS Functions Reference Document – Version 2>, NERC survey, March 2020

State estimator is the most important function in EMS. The purpose of state estimator is to provide a consistent base case for use by other network applications such as Power Flow and Contingency Analysis. State estimator can be considered as the "heart" of EMS. 


Our Non-Divergent State Estimator (NDSE) aims to solve the problem of loss of state estimator. The voltage solution obtained by NDSE only depends on the measurements, system topology and parameters, without any human involvement or adjustment.




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