Robust State Estimator (Smart Electric Grid, LLC)
Robust State Estimator(Smart Electric Grid, LLC) 

Non-Divergent State Estimator

-- work as an offline tool when the customers' state estimator fails to provide a solution



Weighted Least Square (WLS) state estimation works well under normal system load levels and error-free measurements. However, measurements containing gross errors usually lead to a bias WLS solution or even unavailability of state estimation solution. NDSE is designed to work as a supplemental procedure to obtain a feasible solution when WLS state estimator becomes unavailable.


Main feature

1) NDSE is capable of obtaining a feasible voltage solution  

      under any circumtances.

2) Human involvement (like adding weights for specific

      measurements to obtain a solution, etc.) is not utilized.

3) The solution 100% depends on the given measurements,

      system topology and parameters. 






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